My hair journey

8 months ago I made one of the most instinctive decisions ever. I decided to go natural with my hair. Yes. After 4 months of no perm/relaxer/creme crack, and enough undergrowth, I decided on doing the BIG CHOP. Like most people, I have been inspired by all the natural hair websites and youtube videos and I thought to myself, why dont I just give it a try.Besides my hair has not been the healthiest for quite sometime and I needed to start all over.

I dont know about many of you but my hair is so coarse that, I require a relaxer every 3 weeks. Thats a nightmare to my hair or anyone’s hair. From what I was told at a very tender age and in my adult life was to get a relaxer every 3 months. Lets just say by the 6th week, without a relaxer, Ill have a big afro with relaxed edges. Believe me, thats not a good look.

On this faithful day, 11/10/2011, the above happened. It wasnt an easy day either. Not because I was nervous or throwing tantrums or crying hysterically just because I was about to cut my hair. No. This had to do with my husband. He was more nervous that I was. I think his nervousness stemmed from the fact that, I might regret it after the did is done and blame him for it. He actually wanted me to sign a contract confirming that he had no hand in me proceeding with the hair cut and prove that it was solely my request. After much persuation, he reluctantly agreed to it and voila!!! As you can see I was all smiles. I felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulder. I felt NATURAL! (Whatever that means lol)

Above was actually 2 months after the big chop. No significant growth yet. Judging from the smile on my face, it was a sure confirmation that I was loving my new look. Im not going to lie, going natural isnt easy. It involves trial an error of products which is an immense strain on me mentally and on my wallet. I have almost every kind of hair product there is and yet I still long to experiment others to attain certain looks after watching all these videos.


For these reasons, I decided to switch it up. It was either I do something different or I resort back to the creamy crack lol.

Yes, I started braiding and having extensions. These hairstyles definitely helped with managing my hair during the inbetween stages. I didnt have to do any twisting the night before, I didnt have to keep moisturizing my hair almost ever few hours a day and most importantly I didnt have to spend money on any hair products or experiment on any natural hair products.

Fast forward 8 months and Voila!!!!

Check out my new hair length. Isnt this amazing? This is a definite affirmation that I will continue on my natural hair journey. My hair is healthy, thick and most importantly and impressively, growing. Lets just say Miss Jessie’s curly pudding is the truth! All I have to do every night is wrap my hair up with a silk scarf and bam! thats it. I dont do anything else and dont intend to lol.

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