OOTD: Midriff Baring (Flaws N All)

Crop Tops have been one of my favorite looks. Given that since I had my baby…..ummmm…..4 yearss ago lol, I was a bit skeptical about rocking this midriff baring look. Not only was I very self conscious about my stomach, which till this day will not return to its original form no matter what I do, but I thought it was too risque given I am now a mom.

Well that feeling went out the door as quickly as it came into my mind. lol. I quickly realized that my self esteem and confidence went especially up after the birth of my daughter. I could careless what anyone thinks of me showing off any parts of my body or what society dictates what I should wear because Im a mom or a wife.

Bottom line, I feel comfortable and as an added bonus, my hubby loves it when I dress sexy. Which brings me to the topic of loving yourself. I am not going to write a whole novel about tips on loving yourself or neither I’m I an expert. All I know is it was a tough journey for me growing up especially in my teenage years.

I was not skinny enough, I was too thin/skinny, I wasnt tall enough, my breasts werent big enough. I got teased about my eyes being too big or my lips being too thick, being a dark skinned female and so on. It took me years well, like I mentioned earlier after the birth of my baby. I realised my focus shouldnt be on what I look like but how to be a great mum, wife, daughter, sister and so on. I had a baby to take care of. I have family who loves me for me. God made me this way so who are we to judge or critizise or dictate how someone should look?
I eat right, I sleep right(well most of the time lol), I excercise(well…lets not get too deep into that), I get my yearly doctor’s check ups. Basically I do what I’m supposed to do to take care of myself and try to be the best I can be. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and realized I had to focus on the positive. I love my eyes. Yea they may be big and seem like I’m sleepy all the time but I love them lol. I love my thick lips. I love my hair, I love my teeth. I love my petite physique.

Bottom line is I love myself. Dont get me wrong, It was not just an overnight thing for me to come to this realization and there I times when I do wonder if this or that was different then I quickly snap out of it and focus on something else. I admire beautiful, sincere, honest, real and focused things and human beings. It will be better if we all accept one another, including ourselves, and realize that God made us this way for a reason. We cannot question his creation or decisions.


If you feel your are overweight or need to loose a few pounds due to health issues or just because you would like to be fit or both, then work at it. Dont try to loose weight because you want to be like someone else or conform to what society would like you to be. If you are too skinny, take the necessary steps to help you gain weight. Again not because you want to look like someone else but because its a healthy weight for you and if your doctor recommends it. If after all attempts and nothing seems to work, don’t put yourself through so much trauma and stress. Do and be the best you can be and everything else will follow through.