Piggy Bank Savings: Kate Spade Polka Dots Pumps

I have had an obsession with everything polka dots for a while but I noticed I never had anything posted on polka dots. lol. You can imagine my joy when I spotted these Kate Spade pumps on the nordstrom website. These are timesless. Elegant and just dag on beautiful!

My spending habit since I started building my family has dramatically changed. Shoes like these in my single days were and instant purchase. I didnt care if I had food to eat or enough money to pay my bills. Nowadays, all I think about is saving, 401K, baby’s college account, bills and so on. My husband has been pushing me alot lately to get something nice for myself every week and Im still working around it.

I just think I need to start rewarding myself rather than have him taking that step all the time. So I started a piggy bank just for my personal “WANTS”. Cause Truly I dont really need these shoes lol but it will be nice to have them. lol.

Making these shoes more entiscing, they come in 2 other colors. Black and Blue. Im so inlove. This maybe one of my most instictive purchases in a while.

Click on the link below to purchase.

Purchase theese Kate Spake Polka Dots Pumps: $328.00: here

By the way today marks my 5 year wedding anniversary with my husband. We have been together 10 years. Admists our ups and downs that comes with every relationship/marriage, I can honestly say he still got it (wink!). He knows how to make me smile. My heart still skips a bit when he walks into a room I’m in. I tell him all the time, I think he is the coolest guy I have ever met. I dont care what anyone things lol.

Happy 5 year wedding anniversary baby!!