Blogger Style: Aurelie and Angelo

Hello Fabulous folks.

So Last night was great. Spent some time with my husband and baby girl celebrating our wedding anniversary. Not a lot can be done especially on a weekday but our celebrations began last weekend and it was one of the biggest suprise I have ever received from the hubby. All I can say is he listens even though he acts like he doesnt most of the time. lol.

Anyways enough about my anniversary. Today I’ll be featuring one of my favorite bloggers from “Aurelie and Angelo”. I was excited and truly honored when she agreed to me featuring her on the blog. Unforturnately or forturnately, I do not posing interview questions in order to get to know the blogger better. More than likely, the blogger doesnt want their personal information all over the internet.

Besides, Pictures being posted on her are just a handfull of pictures of the blogger. More pictures can be seen on his/her blog and while you are at it, you can read and get to know the blogger better lol.

Lets be honest not a lot of people read all those interviews and I’m almost certain, no one will be reading this little except from me. lol. I can see some people, searching for link to her blog. lol I dont blame you.

Well As you can see from her pictures, her style is very simple yet chic. Just my kinda style. She plays around with colors and her hair is to die for. What an inspiration.

Want to see more of her style and get to know her more check out her blog here at Aurelie and Angelo