Natural hair: My puff

Hey everyone,

Trying out this mobile blogging for the first time. Hopefully, I may have more personal updates rather than posting about celebrities all the time.

Sooooooo, I am a year and a half natural now and I couldn’t be more excited. I will not lie to you all, it has been a rough road. I can count how many times I almost gave up and fell for the creamy crack.

Anyway. Enough if my natural hair rants. This is actually my second time attempting to do the puff. I must say its so easy


So the night before I washed, conditioned (Shea butter shampoo and leave in conditioner) and stretched my hair by doing really large twists. I let my hair dry over night. Then took out the twists. At this point my hair is dry. I used Moroccan hair oil and Shea butter hair moisturizer.


Things you need is a large hair band. Got a set with different colors from cvs.

Gel. Which ever brand you prefer. Bobby pins that I unfortunately didnt show here.

I brushed my hair upwardly as illustrated in the picture above. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture if the next last steps. However what I did was I smooth the edges of my hair with the gel after it had been brushed up. I later “folded” (don’t know what other term to use lol) the hair band twice an put it over my head down to my forehead. Pulling the band from behind, let it move up my crown to the desired position. Part of the band should be hanging out but held tightly and twisted. The twisted end will be pinned in. I later used a bobby pin to hold/pin it into my hair.


I used a soft brush to again smooth my edges and viola!


What do you think. Not bad for my fist hair tutorial huh?