Black and white stripe wedding inspiration

A wedding is supposed to be a once in a lifetime occasion, so why not think outside of the box and go with an unconventional combination of colors. Black and white (together) is not usually a color scheme most couples will go for initially. However after doing some research, one can conclude that this is such a modern and chic idea to pursue. Check out the collage below of different inspirations that inspired today’s post.


Black and white stripes are a fabulous touch to the modern vintage wedding. However, it’s better to splash a few things here and there rather than have everything in black and white stripes. Perhaps throw in a bit of red/pink, gold/silver hues here or there. If not things may end up looking like a circus. Below are a few of my favorite ideas that may be great inspirations.

1) bridesmaid


2) cake


3) bouquet


4) runner


5) Chuppah


6) table setting


What are your thoughts in this trend?