OOTD: Birthday Dinner

Last Friday I attended a birthday dinner hosted by one of my friends, Yolanda, for her husband.


The pic above is a very blurry view of the 13th floor at the Belverdere in Baltmore,MD. The picture unfortunately does not do the view any justice. It truly was spectacular. Large Glass windows provided an amazing view of the city at night , a pianist on sight. Serenading the crown, courteous waitresses. Oh an of course the food was impeccable.


The presentation was exquisite. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a picture of of my entree and the main course. However Caesar salad was served and for the main course salmon over some spicy noodle. Yum yum.


I have had this dress in my closet for quite some time now but needed an occasion to pull the dress from hiding as well as getting the dress altered because it was a size too big when I bought it. The two things that drew me to this dress was the jeweled dress and the netted cut outs in the waist area.


I pulled out my brand new Christian Louboutin pigalles and I must say I applaud women who wear those heels regularly. Beautiful set of heels but I personally think that great if you are standing in one spot or sitting.


I had similar issues with my L.A.M.B shoes and I decided to bring those out only on special occasions. Lol.


Bonus pic of my honey and I at the birthday festivities!