Going Green

Hello fabulous ones,
Sorry about my lack of posting on the blog. I’m working on sharing my time on the different social media Platforms I am a part of.

Coping with the loss of my mother has been one of the biggest challenges I have had to deal with in my life.


Yet I am very grateful for all the support I get from my friends and family. They literally do everything they can to distract me from falling into any form of depression. I get checked on daily. Phone calls, texts, emails etc trying their best to make me laugh, focus on my goals and just be overall happy.


Despite everyone’s prayers and attempts to help fill the void of no longer having my mother, I have my bad days. Sometimes my days are great and nights are the worst but I remind myself my mother is resting.


It’s been 3 months already and it’s time I live my life honoring my mum’s legacy. Live life knowing that even though she is not physically here with me, she is with me in spirit and is everywhere I go. It’s actually refreshing knowing that she sees and knows everything thats going on in my life. I have to live for my daughter, whom my mum was literally obsessed with. Her first and only granddaughter.


Anyways. Enough of that because I started getting emotional again. March is one of my favorite months. Some of my favorite people were born in this month. From my dad to my daughter to my girlfriends whom I consider sisters and my grandmother.


Besides all these birthdays, it is also kidney disease awareness month. I purchased this dress over the weekend with a dear friend in mind. To help support the awareness for kidney disease, I decided to join Iya In wearing green.


Since today is St Patrick’s day, I thought it was befitting to do a post on this outfit. I wore this dress to the fabulous decor and planning showcase gala of some very dear friends on Saturday despite being very I’ll on Friday.


Check more pictures from the event at BRINS IMAGE BLOG

DRESS: bebe


CLUTCH: I can’t remember

WATCH: Anne Klein (from my mummy’s collection)

Hope you all have. Fabulous day!!!