GET THE LOOK- Peplum feather dress

As a lot of you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged in more than a year. Since my mother passed I have been very reluctant about blogging. I may have posted a few pics here and there on my blog’s Facebook page but I hardly posted personal style pics. 

The picture above is a beautiful feather dress I wore a few months ago and the only picture that captured the dress. I gained some weight (which I completely embrace 😊) so taking a pic with this dress right now is impossible given it was a little undersized in the first place. 

I promise to work on getting pictures “fashion blog worthy” in the future.

I tried linking my dress to the website it was purchased but is it currently sold out out and off the page. 

However I did find two dresses for both regular sizes and plus sizes figures. 

Purchase dress here for $98.00 (better deal than what I purchased my dress for.

Purchase dress here for $129 with an additional discount of 40% at check out. 
Happy shopping!