Birthday Celebration

Forgive me while I brush away the cobwebs from this blog. There is absolutely no excuse except for pure laziness stemming from picking a day to shoot, getting dolled up, editing pics etc. The easiest part for me is putting an outfit together, everything else seems time consuming. These are some of the reasons why I really do appreciate and admire bloggers that are consistent.

I had a last minute birthday dinner celebration with a few friends over the weekend at the 703 Bar + Kitchen restaurant. This was my first time visiting and I must say I was quite impressed, given I did a google search same day and was able to make a reservation too. Without further ado, herewith an impromptu photo shoot after dinner at the same location  by my fabulous and stylish friend Mira of


9 p.m.. I reserved a section at the restaurant, not to be pretentious or to show off but to have an epic night even though it was last minute. I just wanted everything to be right.




So many stories about this dress, but I will let you all in on one of them . lol. It is obvious I’m obsessed with everything fashion and that can come at huge price. If you know me, you will also understand that I am frugal.  My heart literally jumps for joy when I come across any sales or receive emails about upcoming sales.

I purchased this dress back in November, on black Friday and it was an amazing steal. The only size left was a US 8 which turns out to be my size (which has been the case for the past few years). However I had lost a few pounds without realizing it and could only fit a 6. Everything in my closet was loose so I started my weight gain journey to add on a few pounds starting December 1st 2017. I was determined to wear this dress, and the only motivation I could think of was to purchase the dress and aim for my ideal weight and former size.

If you follow me on Snap-chat (enter_my_closet) you know what I’m talking about. I increased my protein intake, cut off soda (yea that’s a shocker for those who know me) and empty carbs and started weight lifting at home only.  In a few weeks I compared my before and after pics and I was SHOCKED at the results. My stomach had significantly reduce (one of my problem areas), I had gained muscle in my thigh and glutes (booty) and ultimately I became stronger.  Of course my next step was to try on the dress and boy! was I happy with what I saw.



The dress accentuated every curve, and ultimate showed prove my fitness journey. It fit like a glove. Speaking of gloves. I remember purchasing this long leather glove a few years ago from (favorite site by the way) and it wasn’t long enough. I was looking for elbow length gloves and when this pair arrived I was a little disappointed but kept it anyway.

The gloves and dress gave a feel of old Hollywood glamour and I felt like a modern day Audrey Hepburn.


Once the location was confirmed and I needed to have a cake at dinner. It was too late to order a custom cake so my first first inclination was to stop at any grocery store, pick up a cake and call it a day. I then remembered Mira is quite talented and gifted and had agreed to join me and other friends that evening. I asked if she could make something really small for me and I sent picture of what I wanted. Boy! did she deliver. I was more than happy with the final result.


I wish I had a better picture of the cake. This cell pic will do for now.

I must say this was one of my favorite birthday party celebrations. Lots of laughter, advise, stories shared etc. Ultimately it felt like an escape from all the hassles life has to offer and a time to unwind. Unfortunately/fortunately I do not drink alcohol but that didn’t stop me from having a good time.






Thank goodness for YouTube because if you look at past pictures of my makeup skills, you will have your dose of comedy for the year. I was going for a smokey eye night time look and I can say I did well for my first try. My hair appointment lasted longer than anticipated but I was happy with the result. I asked for a trim and later requested a semi-big chop (yea there is such a thing as a semi-big chop lol). I needed color too. Blonde to be exact (as seen below). My initial request was to go blonde however, my hairdresser talked me out of it since this will be my first attempt at it. She opted for a more subtle honey color which barely shows in these pics. My next appointment, we will discuss the option of trying something a little brighter and conspicuous.



By the way I am going on my 7th year of being natural with no perm. This was a simple blowout that didn’t last up to 12 hours. The rain didn’t help and within a few hours, I was back to my good ole’ puff.


Those earrings were never returned to the owner so they are mine now and my clutch was a gift that I obsessed with.


That was enough writing today. I hope this post becomes a motivation for me to share with everyone my take on what is fashion/fashionable.

DRESS: Asilio

Shoes: Christian louboutin

Makeup: By me.I am so inlove with this Fenty beauty Trophy Wife Highlighter

Hair: By the talented Ricka. Follow her on Instagram ayefred


That’s it for now folks. Watch out for my next blog post.