Go Green

Mondays used to be my least favorite day of the week until I had to change my mindset and think positively so my week is off to a great start.

Well that left room for me to hate another day. 🤷🏾‍♀️. Saturday evenings to be exact! What about Saturday and why in the evening you may ask? Well, it’s a clear indication that Sunday is around the corner and boom! there comes Monday. You entire mini vacation is over.

Daylight savings time was of no help this time around even though it was only an hour. It felt like I lost 24 hours… of doing nothing significant but I felt cheated.

My look today is quite deceiving of the weather conditions we are experiencing. However, it was a reminder that spring has sprung or will soon be. My brother says I look like a watermelon 🍉 but I like the colorfulness of the entire ensemble. Besides, comments as such are often expected from our siblings.

For someone who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, I will never get used to the cold. 60 degrees is still very cold for me.

How is your Monday so far?

Skirt: H&M (pink is sold out)

Jacket: My mummy’s closet

Shoes: ASOS

Bralette: sold out at Asos but similar here

Photographer: Besong Etchi (@besongetchi instagram)